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Experience Storage Mod

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Experience Storage Mod
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Thu Oct 12 18:43:37 CST 2023
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Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com

"Experience Storage" Addon: Easily save your experience level

Tired of losing experience levels after dying? The Experience Storage plugin provides you with an easy way to save your experience levels.

This plugin adds new tools and mechanics that allow you to store experience levels into items or structures. This way, even if you die, you won't lose all experience.

Mod usage tutorial

To start you need to create the experience book


Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com 

Once the experience book is obtained, you need an experience level greater than 5, otherwise it will not let you store your levels if your experience level is already greater than 5, you just have to interact with the book either by holding down the screen your phone or by pressing the right mouse button on a computer

Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com 

The book can only reach a maximum of 30 levels stored apart from there you can no longer store more levels

Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com 

Once your book has levels saved, we need to move them into experience storage


Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com

Now with the book interact with the storage of experience in phones a button will appear and in computer just right click with the mouse directly to the chestAddon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com 

Now to recover the levels you just have to interact with your hand and the levels will be given back to the player

Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com 

Just activate the following experimental modes

Addon: Experience Storage - modsgamer.com  

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