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Expansive Biomes Mod[20+ new biomes]

date date Tue Nov 28 15:44:00 CST 2023"
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Expansive Biomes Mod[20+ new biomes]
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Tue Nov 28 15:44:00 CST 2023
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Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com

Embark on an Enchanting Journey with Expansive Biomes Mod

Expand your Minecraft horizons with Expansive Biomes, a remarkable mod that introduces over 20 captivating new biomes to explore and conquer. Prepare to be amazed by the diverse landscapes, intriguing creatures, and unique items that await you in this extraordinary realm.

Mod details


Redwood ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Pendula ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Volcanic PeaksAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Deciduous ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Coniferous ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Mystic ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Lavender PlainsAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

ShrublandsAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Jacaranda ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Maple ForestAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Autumn ForesAddon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 




Passive mobs that will avoid players, villagers, and pillagers. They will drop venison, deer antlers, leather and a rare chance to drop a deer trophy when killed.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Adorable neutral mobs that will attack players if angered. They will avoid players, and are nocturnal and will sleep during the day similar to foxes. They will eat crops, and pickup most food items and eat them. They are afraid of carved pumpkins, so they are a good way to prevent raccoons from eating crops. To tame raccoons, sneak and feed them bread.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Spawns primarily in water, where it is fastest, and will attack most mobs. Drops Crocodile meat when killed.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Acts the same as a normal cow, but is yellow, and covered with Buttercup flowers.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Neutral mob that will attack monsters (excluding creepers). Will attack players if angered. Spawns in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be traded with.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Mossy Skeleton & Zombie

Currently just reskinned skeletons and zombies that spawn in the Bog biome.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Trapper Pillager

Neutral towards players unless angered. You can trade with them for pelts, leather, and hide, but their trades will not replenish. They will attack villagers, iron golems, and bears on sight. Skilled archers that can shoot 2 arrows at once in a short amount of time and have 45 points of health. Can be found in Hunter Cabin structures.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Black Bear

Neutral mob that will run from players, will only attack if hit or a bear cub is near.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

Grizzly Bear

Aggressive mob that will attack players, pillagers, and monsters (excluding creepers).Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Small passive mobs that will fly around randomly. Spawns at night in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be caught with a glass jar.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Aggressive mob that does 7 hearts of damage per hit, will attack most mobs on sight, and will throw balls of packed ice that deal 3 and 1/2 hearts when their target gets too far away. Spawns rarely in any Frozen biome, but spawns more commonly in the Frost Forest biome.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 


Tools & Armor:

Grizzly Pelt Armor - Made from Grizzly Bear Pelts, and iron armor, it is a little stronger in protection, and durability than iron, and has a working cloak! (Remove cape from player to avoid them from glitching through each other.)

Vibranium Armor - Made from vibranium ingots, and is stronger than Netherite, more knockback resistance, and has slightly better durability. Some parts will glow in the dark, unless enchanted.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com  

  • Vibranium Sword - deals 9 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.

  • Vibranium Pickaxe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.

  • Vibranium Axe - deals 8 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.

  • Vibranium Shovel - deals 6 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use

  • Vibranium Hoe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com

These Experimental Settings must be enabled!Addon: Expansive Biomes - modsgamer.com 

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