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Ex0tic's Masonry Mod

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Ex0tic's Masonry Mod
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Thu Feb 08 14:46:20 CST 2024
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Ex0tic's Masonry: Craft a More Consistent and Beautiful Minecraft World!

Tired of Minecraft's inconsistent stone textures and crafting recipes? Ex0tic's Masonry addon brings harmony to your world with 70+ new blocks, hundreds of crafting recipes, and logical updates to vanilla stones.

Embrace Stone Variety:

  • Missing variants? No more! Discover cobbled andesite, chiseled diorite, granite bricks, and more, filling the gaps in Minecraft's stone logic.

  • Smooth sandstone everywhere: Enjoy the sleek "smooth sandstone" texture as the default, with craftable cobbled, polished, and brick variants for all types.

  • Soulful additions: Craft stunning soul sandstone, bricks, and chiseled versions, finally bringing this nether material in line with others.

Crafting Made Easy:

  • Unified recipes: Craft most stone variants using intuitive 2x2 patterns or with a stonecutter, offering consistency across the board.

  • Polished perfection: Smelt cobbled stones to obtain their "polished" counterparts, perfect for building projects.

  • Cracked and mossy love: Craft cracked and mossy variants of most brick types, adding depth and realism to your builds.

Beyond Consistency:

  • Prismarine revamp: Get more polished prismarine from shards and craft stunning brick and chiseled variants.

  • Cave update love: Craft and enjoy polished, brick, and chiseled versions of dripstone, calcite, and tuff.

  • Magma makeover: Craft beautiful polished and brick magma blocks, adding fiery options for your builds.

  • Endstone elegance: Create polished and brick endstone, expanding your creative palette in the End dimension.

  • Obsidian upgrades: Craft polished and brick obsidian blocks for even more building possibilities.

Ex0tic's Masonry is perfect for:

  • Builders: Enhance your creations with a wider range of beautiful and consistent stone options.

  • Logic lovers: Appreciate the addon's focus on filling in crafting gaps and creating a more coherent stone system.

  • Vanilla+ players: Enjoy a seamless extension of Minecraft's existing stone mechanics with exciting new possibilities.

Download Ex0tic's Masonry today and craft your dream world with stunning consistency and variety!


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