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Evolved Chickens Mod

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Evolved Chickens Mod
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Fri Mar 01 17:32:10 CST 2024
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Soar Through the Nether, Dive Deep in the Ocean: Discover Evolved Chickens!

Embrace the power of elemental chickens with the Evolved Chickens addon!

Unleash the Power of the Elements:

  • Fire Chicken: Blaze through the Nether skies! This fiery friend grants you aerial mobility in its fiery domain, but be wary of water, for it brings harm.

  • Ice Chicken: Master the frigid air! Take flight in icy biomes with your feathered friend, but avoid scorching heat, for it inflicts pain.

  • Water Chicken: Dive into the depths! Explore the underwater world with ease, but remember, the scorching deserts hold no comfort for this aquatic companion.

Fuel Your Feathered Friends:

  • Elemental Plants: Discover unique plants in their respective natural habitats: Fire in the Nether, Ice in cold biomes, and Water in oceans and rivers.

  • Essential Resources: Right-clicking these plants yields valuable items: specific elements (Fire, Ice, Water) to heal your respective chicken, and seeds to grow more plants and tame new companions.

Uncover More:

This text reveals only a taste of the exciting features within the Evolved Chickens addon. Download it today and embark on your own adventure of elemental exploration!


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