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Easy Bonsai Mod
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Mon Nov 27 17:45:24 CST 2023
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Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com

Enhance Your Minecraft Resource Gathering with Easy Bonsai Mod

Introducing Easy Bonsai, a groundbreaking addon that revolutionizes resource gathering in your Minecraft world. These innovative blocks, unlike traditional bonsai entities, provide a continuous supply of wood, leaves, and other valuable resources, transforming your resource management strategies.

Mod details

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com These are no longer entities but blocks. Every 30 seconds it will drop logs and leaves and it will also produce a particle.

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com If you want the bonsai for decoration purposes you can stop their drops by shearing them.

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com Using Enriched Bone Meal on the bonsais will speed up the drops from 30 seconds to 15 seconds



Enriched Bone Meal

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com

Bonsai Pots

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com

Bonsai Trees (Overworld)

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com

Bonsai Trees(Nether)

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com

  • Fix Z-Fighting.

  • Improved Bonsai Tree Textures


  • The world must be on Experimental Mode.

Addon: Easy Bonsai - modsgamer.com


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