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Drip Skin Pack 1.5 for Minecraft

date date Fri Aug 18 15:43:40 CST 2023"
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Drip Skin Pack 1.5 for Minecraft
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Fri Aug 18 15:49:42 CST 2023
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This is a Minecraft skins pack that includes over 275 character skins, such as anime characters, game characters, and animal skins, all dressed in Hypebeast clothes. 

The skin pack is inspired by the popular "Drip meme". However, some people have reported that after importing the skin pack, some skins may randomly glitch. 

The changelog version 1.0.5 includes more skins, such as Didi Steve, dropboy, drip girl, Eggman, Didi Hacker, Drip Cookie Dough, dripping animal skins, Drip Sakura, gargoyle naruto, substitute Drip Yoshi, drip pressure surface, new image, and more.

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