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Do Naruto Strike[20 jutsus]

date date Sat Nov 04 18:13:13 CST 2023"
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Do Naruto Strike[20 jutsus]
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Sat Nov 04 18:13:13 CST 2023
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Addon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

"Minecraft" Do Naruto Strike add-on: allows you to perform ninjutsu and experience PVP arena in the game

This Minecraft Naruto add-on adds 20 ninjutsu from the anime to the game for you to use in survival, as well as a PVP arena for you to duel with friends!

In this add-on, you can purchase all the ninjutsu sold by Sasuke, including:

Anime Leaf Uniform Naruto + Kunai

Gaara's Sand Defense

Kawasaki Scientific Ordnance

chakra scalpel

Chidori no Jutsu used by Sajuke and Kakashi

Just find Sasuke in your world and click to talk to him.

This add-on will let you experience the excitement of Naruto in the world of Minecraft!

Mod details

Addon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com 

when click it will open the exchange menu as belowAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

here are some of the jutsus that are in the addon, but there are many more jutsus that you can use just by downloading the addon

Anime leaf uniform naruto + kunaiAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

Gaara's sand defenseAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

kawaki science weaponAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

Kabuto chakra scalpelAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

Chidori jutsu used by sakuke and kakashiAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

These are more jutus that are possible to use in the addon

Addon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com

The addon contains pvp arena to use the jutsu and duel against a friendAddon: Do Naruto Strike - modsgamer.com


How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game featur

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