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Divine Dowsing Mod

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Divine Dowsing Mod
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Unearth Hidden Treasures: Embrace the Art of Dowsing in Minecraft with this Addon!

Calling all Minecraft prospectors!  Tired of aimlessly searching for valuable resources?  Delve into the ancient practice of dowsing with this innovative addon, empowering you to locate hidden treasures within your Minecraft world.

A Touch of the Mystical:

  • Dowsing Rods – Your Guiding Light: Embrace the art of dowsing by utilizing ten unique dowsing rods, each attuned to a specific resource type. Search for water, ores, caves, hidden structures, and more with pinpoint accuracy.

Unveiling the Unknown:

  • Variety of Dowsing Rods: Discover the power of ten distinct dowsing rods, each specializing in a particular resource:

    • Oak – Uncovers hidden water sources.

    • Birch – Guides you to valuable ore deposits.

    • Spruce – Reveals hidden caves for exploration.

    • Jungle – Locates underground structures like mineshafts and dungeons.

    • Acacia – Identifies unique cave biomes for a more diverse exploration experience.

    • Dark Oak – Pinpoints the location of elusive geodes.

    • Crimson – Helps you find lava sources crucial for advanced building and brewing.

    • Warped – Expedites your search for nether ores, essential for nether-based projects.

    • Cherry – Assists in locating decorative stone variants to enhance your builds.

    • Mangrove (for modded worlds) – Streamlines the discovery of modded blocks.

Intuitive Dowsing Mechanics:

  • Simple Activation: To activate your dowsing rod, simply equip it and right-click. The results will be displayed in your chat window, guiding you towards your desired resources.

  • Efficient Digging: Dowsing rods search in a plus-shaped pattern, allowing for efficient excavation. Digging straight down from the indicated location grants access to all the resources detected by the rod (though caution is advised!).

Crafting and Upgrading:

  • Crafting Dowsing Rods: The base dowsing rods are easily crafted using four wooden logs and a single enchanted stick.

  • Enchanted Sticks: Acquire enchanted sticks as drops from witches or craft them by right-clicking on an enchantable stick (requires 4 experience levels).

  • Upgrading for Enhanced Performance: All dowsing rods can be upgraded to boast increased durability, extended range (reaching deeper underground), and faster cooldown times.

Download the Dowsing Addon Today!

Unlock the secrets of your Minecraft world with the Dowsing Addon.  Embrace the power of dowsing rods, locate valuable resources with ease, and embark on exciting treasure hunts. Download now and transform yourself into a master prospector!

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