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Dewalish Mod
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Beware the Evolved Angler: A New Aquatic Threat! (Minecraft Mod)

Brace yourself, Minecraft mariners! The Angler mod introduces a fearsome new enemy to your underwater adventures – the Evolved Angler!

Fish Out of Water Foe:

This is no ordinary anglerfish!  Through a mysterious evolutionary leap, the Evolved Angler has adapted to walk on land, expanding its territory and its hostility towards players and villagers (those pesky fishers!).

Beware the Riverbed:

Similar to the drowned, Evolved Anglers spawn in groups of 2-4, lurking on the riverbed or patrolling the depths.  Keep your eyes peeled, both above and below the water's surface!

A Swift Demise:

When defeated, the Evolved Angler contorts and vanishes after a few seconds.  Don't let its quick disappearance lull you into a false sense of security – there might be more lurking nearby!

Experimental Advantage:

This mod offers a twist for experienced players.  In Experimental mode, Evolved Anglers are automatically activated, adding an extra layer of challenge to your aquatic exploration.

Dewalish Addon  


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