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Detailful Guns Mod

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Detailful Guns Mod
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Unleash Your Inner Soldier: Immerse Yourself in Modern Warfare with the Detailful Guns Addon!

Calling all Minecraft warriors! Brace yourselves for the ultimate combat experience with the Detailful Guns Addon. This game-changing addition to Minecraft Bedrock takes survival, PVE, and PVP to the next level with an arsenal of over 400 meticulously crafted guns, detailed features, and immersive gameplay.

Gear Up for Battle:

  • Master a massive armory: Wield over 400 iconic firearms, from classic shotguns and pistols to modern assault rifles and sniper rifles. Each gun boasts high-definition textures, realistic sounds, and unique recoil.

  • Customize your loadout: Enhance your guns with refittable parts like silencers, sights, and under-barrel grenade launchers for tactical versatility.

  • Embrace tactical depth: Experience bullet penetration, blood particles, and custom animations for an adrenaline-pumping combat experience.

  • Explore diverse environments: Battle across the familiar landscapes of Minecraft with the addon's compatibility with all biomes.

Beyond the Firearms:

  • Tame loyal AI companions: Recruit helpful NPCs to fight alongside you and watch over your base.

  • Embrace atmospheric music: Immerse yourself in battlefield-themed BGM that dynamically adapts to your location.

  • Craft essential supplies: Mine copper and sulfur ores to create ammunition and maintain your weaponry.

Ready to dominate the battlefield?

Download the Detailful Guns Addon today and:

  • Unleash a devastating arsenal of over 400 firearms.

  • Customize your loadout for tactical advantage.

  • Experience immersive combat with realistic details and animations.

  • Explore and conquer every corner of Minecraft with newfound firepower.


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