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Demon Hunter Mod

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Demon Hunter Mod
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Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Unleash Your Inner Demon Hunter: Slay Beasts and Craft Powerful Gear in This Epic Minecraft Addon!

Embrace the thrilling world of demon hunting with this immersive addon! Track down and vanquish three fearsome demon ranks, culminating in an epic showdown with the mighty Behemoth – all while forging your own legendary arsenal.

Bloodshed for a Cause:

1. Collect blood: Use syringes to extract villager blood for rituals and demonic blood from slain demons for potent blends.


2. Craft the Ritual Base: Offer up 9 villager blood-filled syringes to summon the Behemoth, the ultimate challenge.

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Confront the Demonic Horde:

1. Rank 1 Demon: Lurk in both worlds, with player-like health and a 5-point bite.

 Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

2. Rank 2 Demon: Boasting 40 health and 8 attack damage, they stalk the Nether and Overworld.

 Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

3. Rank 3 Demon: The Nether's sole guardian, wielding 70 health and a bone-crushing 20 attack damage.

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

4.Behemoth: The towering boss awaits, with 400 health and a 20-point swing of its mighty arm. Slaying it grants you the Demonic Blood Sword, a 5000-durability beast with 20 attack damage!

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Forge Your Demonic Arsenal:

1. Blessed Sword: Iron and a wooden cross, your holy blade against the unholy.

 Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

2. Demon Catalyst: A rank two demon eye and leads channel demonic energy.


3. Golden Amulet & Cross: Bastion chests hold these divine treasures.


4. Demon Hunter Armor: Red wool and iron nuggets, your stylish demonic defense.

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Guns & Bullets:

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

Addon: Demon Hunter - modsgamer.com

1. Craft bullets: Black wool, demonite ingots, and gunpowder fuel your ranged fury.


2. Iron Huntress & Shotgun Bullets: Upgrade your firepower for even deadlier barrages.


3. Reload & Empty Guns: Combine guns with their respective ammo in the crafting table.

Mine the Depths:

1. Demonite Ore: Found in both worlds, delve deep for this infernal material.


2. Demonite Ingots: Smelt the ore in your furnace for crafting demonic wonders.

Download this addon today and embark on your legendary demon hunting saga!

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