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Delta-5 Armor Pack Mod

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Delta-5 Armor Pack Mod
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Gear Up Like a True Foundation Agent: Introducing AfandiYT's MTF Armor Addon v2.0!

Calling all SCP enthusiasts! AfandiYT is back with version 2.0 of their MTF Armor Addon, bringing even more tactical options to your Minecraft world. This addon adds a brand new set of armor inspired by the elite Mobile Task Force units, the backbone of the SCP Foundation's containment efforts.

More Than Just Protection:

This isn't just any armor pack. Each piece of AfandiYT's MTF gear grants unique tactical advantages:

  • Boost your speed and close in on threats like a true operative.

  • Equip night vision to pierce the darkness and track anomalies in any light.

  • Increase your resistance to withstand unexpected attacks and survive dangerous encounters.

But that's not all! This addon is designed to work seamlessly with popular gun addons like Radium Armament, Blessed Gun, SCP Dystopia, Insane Warfare, and more. Assemble your perfect loadout and dominate the containment landscape!

Created with Community in Mind:

AfandiYT built this addon using the user-friendly Addon Maker app, available on the Play Store. This means even aspiring creators can get their hands on the tools to craft their own Minecraft masterpieces. And because AfandiYT believes in sharing, they've released this addon under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license, allowing for customization and community contributions.

Go Beyond the Basics:

While other addons might offer simpler models, AfandiYT's MTF Armor is meticulously crafted in Blockbench, a powerful modeling application. Every detail, from the tactical pouches to the reinforced plating, is carefully rendered to bring the Foundation's iconic gear to life in Minecraft.

Ready to join the ranks of the MTF? Download AfandiYT's MTF Armor Addon v2.0 today and experience the thrill of securing, containing, and protecting in style!


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