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Definitive Tree Capitator Mod

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Definitive Tree Capitator Mod
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Wed Nov 29 18:18:08 CST 2023
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Addon: Definitive Tree Capitator - modsgamer.com

Experience the Definitive Tree Capitator, an innovative Minecraft addon that transforms tree cutting into a swift and effortless process. With just a single chop, you can fell an entire tree, saving precious time and effort. This remarkable addon seamlessly integrates with any addon without disruptions, as it utilizes the gametest framework rather than player.json. Additionally, it empowers custom axes from other addons to inherit the tree capitator functionality, ensuring compatibility and versatility. Unleash the power of the Definitive Tree Capitator and streamline your Minecraft forestry endeavors

Mod details

Subpack 🔨

This addon is divided into 2 game options for people who want to configure it to their liking.

Alse Custom:by default it comes in this configuration which allows all vanilla axes and customs (axes created by other addons) to work with the tree capitator ability.
Addon: Definitive Tree Capitator - modsgamer.com 

Vanilla Only:this setting allows only vanilla axes to have the tree capitator ability, if you enable this custom axes from other addons will not have the tree capitator ability

Addon: Definitive Tree Capitator - modsgamer.com 

Alse Custom Axe Config

To use this addon to work with other addons and custom axes and make it work correctly follow the steps below.

Addon: Definitive Tree Capitator - modsgamer.com 

The first thing is to activate this function in the addon so that the axes of other addons can access the operation of the addon.


Addon: Definitive Tree Capitator - modsgamer.com 

then activate the addon you want to use together with the tree capitator, put it first in case the other addon uses the player.json and also activate all the experimental games for the correct functioning of the addon.


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