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Custom Recipes Mod

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Custom Recipes Mod
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Sat Feb 24 17:11:00 CST 2024
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Craft the Extraordinary: Enhance Your Minecraft Bedrock Experience!

Greetings, fellow adventurers! GamingDude No1 presents Craftable Rarities, an innovative add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (version 1.14 and above).

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Rarities:

  • Craft previously uncraftable items: No longer scour the world searching for rare treasures. This add-on empowers you to forge legendary items directly in your world!

  • Empower your gameplay: Craft essential items like:

    • Horse armor: Equip your trusty steed with Iron, Gold, or Diamond armor for enhanced protection and style.

    • Totem of Undying: Cheat death once with this life-saving item, granting a second chance in your survival journey.

    • Enchanted Golden Apple: Savor the power of temporary buffs, boosting your strength and resilience.

    • Trident: Command the seas with this versatile weapon, perfect for combat and exploration.

  • Simplify essential crafting: Craft everyday items with ease:

    • Leather: Smelt rawhide in a furnace to obtain crucial crafting materials.

    • Saddle: Tame your horse and embark on horseback adventures without delay.

    • Quartz: Gain access to this valuable resource, vital for enchanting and construction projects.

Effortless Crafting at Your Fingertips:

  • Clear and concise recipe images ensure you have all the necessary materials for each creation.

Unleash Your Inner Crafter:

Download the Craftable Rarities add-on today and elevate your Minecraft Bedrock experience. Craft the previously uncraftable, simplify your gameplay, and embark on epic adventures!


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