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Crossbattle Mod[3D Weapons, Objects, and Blocks]

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Crossbattle Mod[3D Weapons, Objects, and Blocks]
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Thu Dec 14 18:29:30 CST 2023
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Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

Enhance Your Minecraft Experience with 3D Weapons, Objects, and Blocks!

Elevate your Minecraft gameplay with this exciting addon, introducing a plethora of 3D weapons, objects, and blocks! This comprehensive mod adds a new layer of detail and functionality to your world, allowing you to engage in more immersive and engaging gameplay.

Unlock a Powerful Arsenal:

  • FNX45 Pistol: Equip yourself with this reliable pistol for close-quarter combat.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • Automatic Rifle HK416: Dominate the battlefield with the powerful and accurate HK416 automatic rifle.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • L115A3 Rifle: Engage enemies from afar with the sharpshooting L115A3 rifle.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • MP9 Submachine Gun: Unleash a hail of bullets with the fast-firing MP9 submachine gun.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

Beyond Weapons:

  • Ice Pick: Mine ore with ease and precision using the handy ice pick.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • Throwing Knife: Dispose of enemies silently with the lethal throwing knife.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • First Aid Kit: Heal yourself and your friends with the life-saving first aid kit, offering a regenerating effect.

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

Immersive 3D Blocks:

Addon: Crossbattle - modsgamer.com

  • Barricade: Fortify your position with the sturdy barricade, offering protection from enemy fire.

  • Explosive Mine: Defend your base or create strategic traps with the explosive mine, detonating upon being stepped on.

Enhanced Gameplay:

  • Rotating Blocks: All 3D blocks dynamically rotate based on your viewpoint, adding a level of realism and interaction.

  • Optimized Performance: For the best experience, disable the "Camera Shake" function and enable the "Geometry Fix" resource pack before playing.

Unleash the potential of your Minecraft world with this innovative addon! Download it today and experience a whole new level of gameplay!


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