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Crinkles' Villager Infection Mod

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Crinkles' Villager Infection Mod
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Mon Jan 15 18:42:54 CST 2024
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Add a New Dimension of Terror to Your Minecraft World with Crinkles' Villager Infection Addon!

Tired of the same old zombies? Craving a more terrifying and unpredictable experience in your Minecraft world? Look no further than the Crinkles' Villager Infection Addon! This chilling addition lets you turn your peaceful villagers into a variety of deadly monsters, adding a new layer of danger and suspense to your adventures.

Imagine the terrifying possibilities:

  • See a villager transform into a vicious creeper, ready to explode at your feet.

  • Watch a villager turn into a powerful skeleton, firing arrows at you from afar.

  • Beware of a villager who has become a slime, oozing its way towards you.

  • And even more terrifying creatures await...

But be warned:

  • The infection is spreading quickly. Villagers can infect each other, quickly turning your peaceful village into a nightmare realm of monsters.

  • You must find a way to stop the infection before it's too late.

Download the Crinkles' Villager Infection Addon today and:

  • Add a new dimension of terror to your Minecraft world.

  • Turn villagers into a variety of deadly monsters.

  • Experience a more unpredictable and suspenseful game.

  • Save your world from the spreading infection.

Crinkles' Villager Infection Addon: Where the only thing more terrifying than a zombie is a villager.


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