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Copper Plus Mod
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Forge More than Beauty: Craft Epic Gear with the Ferro Copper Addon!

Ever wished you could craft powerful tools and armor from Minecraft's stunning copper? The Ferro Copper Addon makes your dream a reality, expanding your options with new weapon and armor sets!

Unlock the Potential of Copper:

  • Forge beyond decoration: Craft durable Ferro Copper Tools and Armor from this abundant metal.

  • Combine strength and beauty: Enhance your gear with Rose Gold, offering a striking aesthetic and improved protection.

  • Unleash the storm: Wield the Thunder Sword, dealing damage and striking enemies with lightning upon impact.

Gear Up for Adventure:

Ferro Copper:

  • Protection: 20 (Armor)

  • Durability: 131 (Tools)

  • Sword: 7 Damage

  • Axe: 6 Damage, 10 Dig Speed

  • Pickaxe: 5 Damage, 10 Dig Speed

  • Shovel: 3 Damage, 10 Dig Speed

  • Hoe: 4 Damage, 10 Dig Speed

Rose Gold:

  • Protection: 15 (Armor)

  • Durability: Varied by Tool

  • Sword: 6 Damage

  • Axe: 5 Damage, 8 Dig Speed

  • Pickaxe: 4 Damage, 8 Dig Speed

  • Shovel: 3 Damage, 8 Dig Speed

  • Hoe: 4 Damage, 8 Dig Speed

Embrace Customization:

  • Crafting recipes: Easily craft all items using intuitive recipes.

  • Compatible with most addons: Enjoy this expansion without worrying about conflicts.

  • Minecraft 1.20 ready: Experience seamless integration with the latest update.

This addon is perfect for:

  • Creative builders: Design stunning builds with the unique aesthetics of Rose Gold.

  • Combat enthusiasts: Conquer challenges with powerful new weapons and armor.

  • Minecraft veterans: Expand your gameplay with exciting new crafting possibilities.

Download the Ferro Copper Addon today and:

  • Craft a wider range of equipment to match your playing style.

  • Embrace the beauty and power of copper and rose gold.

  • Elevate your Minecraft experience with exciting new options!


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