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Copper Mod
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Craft Powerful Brass Gear in Minecraft PE with the Free Copper Addon!

Tired of mining the same old iron tools? Crave unique weapons and gear to dominate your Minecraft PE world? Dive into the Copper Addon, a free download that unleashes the potential of copper!

Forge Brass, Your New Best Friend:

  • Craft sturdy and efficient brass tools, perfect for mining, chopping, and building with newfound power.

  • Wield a sharp and devastating brass sword, leaving your enemies cowering in its wake.

  • Experience the durability and unique shine of brass weaponry, adding a touch of flair to your battles.

Uncover Copper Riches:

  • Locate copper ore veins deep underground, starting at -20 blocks, adding a new layer of exploration to your adventures.

  • Mine and refine copper to fuel your crafting, creating an exciting alternative to traditional resource gathering.

More Than Just Metal:

  • The Copper Addon doesn't stop at tools and weapons. Prepare for future updates introducing additional copper-based items and features.

  • Free to download and enjoy, this addon offers incredible value for any Minecraft PE player seeking fresh experiences.

Download the Copper Addon today and:

  • Forge your own legend with powerful brass gear.

  • Embark on exciting copper mining expeditions.

  • Experience the endless possibilities of this ever-evolving addon.

Spread the word! Share this news with your fellow Minecraft PE adventurers and let them join the copper revolution!


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