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Copper Golem V2 Mod

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Copper Golem V2 Mod
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Sat Mar 09 15:44:27 CST 2024
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Bring Back the Button-Loving Buddy: The Copper Golem Mod! (Minecraft)

Remember the charming Copper Golem from Minecraft Live? The Copper Golem Mod brings this delightful, button-pressing mob back to life for your Minecraft world!

Craft Your Copper Companion:

This mod lets you recreate the Copper Golem using a simple crafting recipe.  Just follow the in-game instructions to bring your helpful friend into existence!

A Button-Mashing Buddy:

Once placed, your Copper Golem will roam freely, seeking out and pressing any buttons it encounters.  It has a particular fondness for these mechanisms, adding a touch of whimsy to your world.

Weathering the Storm (of Time):

Like real copper, your Copper Golem will oxidize over time.  Don't worry, this doesn't mean it's gone forever!  A Copper Golem's lifespan is roughly 21 minutes before it becomes fully oxidized.

From Rusty to Ready:

In its oxidized state, the Copper Golem transforms into a charming statue.  However, this doesn't mean it's useless!  Simply use a bottle of honey on the oxidized Golem to restore it to its button-loving ways.

Improved and Enhanced:

This mod goes beyond simply reintroducing the Copper Golem.  The mod creator has also:

  • Added a De-Oxidation Mechanic: Use honey to bring your rusty friend back to life!

  • Enhanced AI: The Copper Golem's AI has been improved to prevent it from getting stuck on specific button types.

  • Revamped Textures: Enjoy a fresh visual update for the Copper Golem in all its states (normal, weathered, and oxidized).

Download and Relive the Copper Golem Magic!


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