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ComputerCraft Mod

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ComputerCraft Mod
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Mon Feb 26 15:59:44 CST 2024
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Unleash Automated Efficiency with ComputerCraft Drones!

Introducing ComputerCraft, a Minecraft add-on that empowers you with automated machines for effortless tasks!

Effortless Automation at Your Fingertips:

  • Drones: Your tireless assistants, handling a variety of tasks without player intervention:

    • Felling: Clear forests and gather logs automatically (requires Felling Chip).

    • Attacking: Defend yourself from hostiles with automated arrow attacks (requires Attack Chip).

    • Excavating: Dig trenches and level land with ease (requires Excavate Chip).

    • Collecting: Gather nearby items and deposit them in designated locations.

  • Intuitive Programming: Set custom behavior for your drones using an easy-to-learn language.

  • Drone Actions: Fine-tune control with actions like following players, returning to charge, and pausing programs.

  • Upgrade System: Enhance drone capabilities with optional chips for specialized tasks.

Beyond Drones: Multifaceted Functionality:

  • Computers: Craft drones, play text-based games, and participate in a simulated stock market.

  • Engaging Stock Market: Experience the thrill of buying and selling FluffyCoins, influencing their value and earning emeralds.

Simplified Information:

  • Clear and concise descriptions of features and functionality.

  • Screenshots and videos showcasing the add-on in action (not included in text revision).

  • Structured information using bullet points and subheadings for improved readability.

  • Action-oriented language encouraging exploration and utilization.

Important Notes:

  • Enable "Holiday Creator Features" and "Additional Modding Capabilities" in world settings for optimal functionality.

  • Recipes are not displayed in the in-game recipe book.

  • Changelog accessible through the in-text link.

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