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Colored Item Frames Mod

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Colored Item Frames Mod
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Fri Jan 12 18:36:27 CST 2024
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Boost your Minecraft displays with Color! Forget the standard brown frames and let your favorite items shine with the Colored Item Frames Addon.

Tired of your treasured diamond sword or enchanted armor blending into the background? Say goodbye to blandness and showcase your collection in vibrant style with a palette of 16 eye-catching frame colors!

The Colored Item Frames Addon:

  • Ditch the Dull: Swap boring brown frames for 16 vibrant colors to match your décor or highlight your prized possessions.

  • Showcase with Style: Display your diamonds, armor, tools, and more in eye-catching frames that amplify their visual impact.

  • Endless Possibilities: From thematic displays to personalized corners, the color options let you build unique and creative showcases for your items.

Easy to Use, Endless Fun:

Simply craft the colored frames with readily available materials and watch your displays come to life! Screenshots below showcase the addon in action, but the real magic lies in unveiling your own creative flair.

Download the Colored Item Frames Addon today and:

  • Transform your Minecraft displays.

  • Bring your favorite items to life.

  • Experience the joy of personalized showcases.

Boost your Minecraft world with a splash of color!


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