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CMC Furniture Mod

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CMC Furniture Mod
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Craft Your Dream Home: The Complete CMC Furniture Addon Guide!

Elevate your Minecraft living space with the CMC Furniture Addon! This comprehensive furnishing mod offers a diverse selection of functional and decorative furniture to breathe life into your builds.

Unleash Your Inner Architect:

  • Decorative Delights: Enhance your Minecraft world's aesthetics with a vast array of furniture, including laptops, desks, refrigerators, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, organizers, and more!

  • Interactive Immersion: Experience a new level of in-game interaction!  Turn on laptops, televisions, and lamps.  Sit on chairs and sofas.  Open and close refrigerators, showers, toilets, and the faucet on sinks.  Even cook food in the microwave and toast bread!

  • Painterly Personalization: Customize your furniture to match your style!  Paint sofas in various colors and personalize your gamer chair with any color imaginable.

Effortless Acquisition:

  • Two Easy Methods:  Obtain furniture conveniently using two in-game commands. Use /summon cmc:seller to spawn a vendor selling furniture, or utilize /function cmc_furniture to acquire all furniture instantly.


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