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Cirno Fumo Boss Mod

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Cirno Fumo Boss Mod
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Sat Feb 24 17:07:19 CST 2024
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Unleash Your Danmaku Skills: Challenge Cirno Fumo in Minecraft!

Calling all Touhou Project fans! The Danmaku Challenge add-on brings the thrill of bullet hell battles to your Minecraft world!

Face Off Against the Ice Fairy:

  • Cirno Fumo: This formidable foe awaits your challenge, pushing your dodging and attacking prowess to the limit.

  • Two-Phase Encounter: Master Cirno's initial attacks in Phase 1 before facing her amplified fury in Phase 2.

  • Diverse Attacks: Prepare for an onslaught of varied bullet patterns, demanding strategic maneuvering.

No Room for Error:

  • Brutal Challenge: Cirno's attacks ignore armor and status effects, demanding precise skill and timing.

  • Persistent Foe: Each defeat slightly heals Cirno, pushing you to overcome every challenge and emerge victorious.

Embrace Danmaku Warfare:

  • Gohei Fake: Wield this powerful weapon, capable of piercing through resistance and bypassing hit immunity.

  • Fast-Paced Gameplay: Unleash a barrage of cards with your right-click attack, delivering rapid-fire damage.

Ready to Test Your Might?

  • Download the Danmaku Challenge add-on and take on Cirno Fumo in an epic bullet hell showdown!


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