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Carry Mod
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Addon: Carry Addon -

Carry Anything, Anywhere: The Ultimate Carrying Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

Tired of struggling to move blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Look no further than the Carry Anything Mod! This innovative mod grants you the power to effortlessly carry any block in the game, streamlining your building and construction projects.

Effortless Block Carrying:

  • Carry Any Block: With just a simple shift-click, you can pick up and carry any block in Minecraft, regardless of its size or weight.

  • Inventory Integration: The carried block seamlessly integrates into your inventory, allowing you to access it easily at any time.

  • Single Block Limit: While you can carry any block, you can only carry one at a time, preventing inventory overload and maintaining balance.

Survival Mode Restrictions:

  • Command and Structure Blocks: To preserve game balance, command blocks, structure blocks, and related blocks are exempt from carrying in survival mode.

  • Unmovable Entities: Bedrock, obsidian, and portal blocks also remain immovable in survival mode, ensuring the integrity of the game world.

Enhance Your Building Experience:

  • Effortless Construction: Say goodbye to tedious back-and-forth trips! Carry blocks freely and efficiently, significantly speeding up your building projects.

  • Increased Creativity: Unlock unlimited building possibilities by effortlessly moving any block you desire, regardless of its accessibility.

  • Streamlined Gameplay: Enjoy a more intuitive and enjoyable building experience, freeing yourself from the limitations of traditional block movement.

Carry Anything Mod: The Essential Tool for Every Builder!

Addon: Carry Addon -

Addon: Carry Addon -

Addon: Carry Addon -

Addon: Carry Addon -

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