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Camouflage Door & Trapdoor Addon

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Camouflage Door & Trapdoor Addon
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Tue Oct 31 18:40:11 CST 2023
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Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft mod addon introduces a variety of unique custom doors and trapdoors, each decorated with vanilla block textures. The purpose of these additions is to create doors and trapdoors that blend seamlessly into their surroundings, thus facilitating the creation of concealed rooms with ease. It's worth noting that a variety of blocks can be used to create these doors, allowing you to hide your stronghold in any given environment.

Certain blocks are currently not feasible to replicate due to their dynamic nature, such as the grass block which changes its texture based on the biome. As a result, it is presently impossible to create custom doors using these particular blocks.Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com 


In order to fashion camouflage doors and trapdoors, it is imperative to acquire the Camouflage Door Crafter. This specialized block serves as an alternative crafting table, exclusively designated for the creation of assorted variations of Camouflage Doors and Trapdoors.

Here's how to craft Camouflage Door Crafter.Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com 

Utilize this specific crafting table to fashion doors and trapdoors, employing a pattern identical to that of the vanilla crafting system. The only distinction lies in the utilization of blocks of your preference to create the desired doors. For instance, you may employ dirt to craft a Dirt Door, stone to craft a Stone Door, and so forth.

Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com

Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com


Changeable Texture:

Certain blocks, such as Logs, Pillars, and Basalt, can be placed both horizontally and vertically. As a result, the doors fashioned from these blocks possess both the side and top texture of the block utilized, providing you with the option to select the desired texture for optimal camouflage in varying environments. situation. By default the texture of door uses is side, to change texture to top simply sneak then place.Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com 

The doors depicted above are both crafted using Acacia logs. The left door is placed in the usual manner, while the right door is placed while sneaking. This placement method alters the orientation of the logs, resulting in a distinct texture.

Similarly, the Smooth Stone Door also offers changeable textures, allowing for customization based on your preferences or the desired aesthetic.

Texture Pack Compatibility:

This addon is compatible with a variety of texture packs, meaning that the camouflage doors and trapdoors will adopt the texture of the pack utilized. This allows for seamless camouflage, regardless of the chosen texture pack.Addon: Camouflage Door & Trapdoor - modsgamer.com 

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