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Bum_Flora! Mod[new plants]

date date Thu Nov 02 18:09:11 CST 2023"
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Bum_Flora! Mod[new plants]
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Thu Nov 02 18:09:11 CST 2023
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Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

"Minecraft" Bum_Flora! Mod: Make your world more vibrant

This Minecraft mod adds new plants to the game, making your world more vibrant.

The new plants are handcrafted, with special attention paid to their appearance and behavior to ensure they behave the same as the original plants.

All plants generate naturally in your world, and different varieties can be found in different biomes.

This mod is suitable for all Minecraft players, whether new or experienced, you can find fun in it

Mod details

Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 

Each plant has been hand-crafted, with special attention applied to their appearance and behaviors to ensure they behave as identical to vanilla plants as possible.  All of the plants included in this addon will generate naturally in your worlds and different varieties can be found across different biomes in your world!

Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 

In addition to new flowers, this addon also introduces two other useful plants - Cattails and Briars!




 Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 

Cattails are a type of marsh grass that can commonly be found around swamps, creeks, rivers, and ponds. They grow long reeds with a dense head of puffy seeds on the top that, once ripened, will explode into a shower of thousands of puffy floating seeds! 

Cattail plants will be one of the more common plants you encounter near non-coastal waters in your world. Harvesting cattails will allow you to craft Cattail Reeds which can be used as a poor, but common early-game fuel source.



Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 

Briars, also know as Brambles, are a type of thorny bush that cut and stab anything that is unfortunate enough to stumble into them.. They're commonly found in forests and other shady, wooded areas. Some folks use them as natural fences.. and nothing is different here!

Unlike flowers, briars cannot be cloned so any briars you need will have to be sourced from the wilderness. They provide a powerful utility as traps and defensive walls against both monsters and players, as any entities that stumble into the bush will begin taking damage every second until they get out of the bush! 

It's important to know that briars cannot kill - only hurt!

  Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 


Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Yellow and White varieties!

Plains, Forest, and Taiga biomes!



Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Pink, White, Blue, and Purple varieties!

Taiga and Mountain biomes!


Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

 (mostly Birch) Forest biomes!


Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

 Pink and Blue varieties!

Plain, Mountain, and Forest biomes!


Morning Glory

Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Mountain and Taiga biomes!


Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Red, Orange, Yellow, and White varieties!

Taiga, Forest, and Plain biomes!



Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Mountain, Birch, and Roofed biomes!




Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Plain, Mountain, and rarely Forest biomes!



Small Rose

Flower Forest and Sunflower Field biomes!

Rare rose with a big secret..

Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com  


Gold Rose

How does one obtain it? .. I won't tell..

Rumored to possess "supernatural qualities"

Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com

Remember to turn on experimental toggles:
 Addon: Bum_Flora! - modsgamer.com 

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