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Brad's Mobs Mod
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Mon Oct 23 18:25:41 CST 2023
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Addon: Brad's Mobs -

This Minecraft mod adds new mobs such as moths, scary meatballs, and imps, butterflies, dragonflies, and crickets.

Mod details

  • The Meatball. This tremendous, drippy floating blob will fire off a volley of multiple exploding plasma mortars. It has five times the health, and five times the experience reward, of a normal mob. Meatball currently drops leather, bones, and rotten flesh, and spawns infrequently anywhere in the overworld.

  • The Bug Eyed Monster. This little jerk will bum rush you with a flying melee attack, and inflict you with a few seconds of weakness. The B.E.M. will be knocked out of the air briefly when struck with a melee attack or projectile, so if you're getting swarmed try to keep them grounded by batting them around senseless. They drop feathers currently but will get more interesting drops in a future update.

  • The Imp. A reskin of the Bug Eyed Monster that patrols the nether infrequently. Instead of causing weakness, this guy just hits harder than his cousin. No drops yet. Same logic as the B.E.M insofar that repeatedly smacking them will keep them from chasing you down.

  • The Lobster. This little guy spawns on the ocean floor and drops a piece of lobster meat. Given that this meat, when cooked, is even more nourishing and satiating than cooked beef, it might be worth dusting off your trident and going for a lobster hunt.

  • The Dragonfly and the Butterfly. Cute little bugs that spawn throughout the overworld with some frequency. Entirely decorative, but nice to look at! Dragonflies and butterflies have variants depending on the biome in which they spawn - little common white butterflies, striking Morpho butterflies, green and blue Darner dragonflies, and more.

  • The Eyebat. This little guy... Oh man. My attempt at ousting the strider as the cutest nether mob succeeded with flying colors. 5 flying colors, actually! This flying cyclopean furball spawns in one of five different colors depending on what nether biome it generates in. You can slay it for some feathers and eyebat meat but why would you do that man. All they do is fly around and make silly noises. What did they ever do to you.



Bug Eyed Monsters in flight

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

Butterflies in butterflight

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

Dragonflies in flight, sans a pu

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

Basalt Delta eyebats

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

Crimson Forest eyebats

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

Nether Wastes eyebat

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

The imp...... In Flight :)

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

A conference of lobsters.

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 

I bet you were wondering what the heck a Meatball looked like! 

Addon: Brad's Mobs - 



Addon: Brad's Mobs -

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