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Better Wolf Tamed Mod

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Better Wolf Tamed Mod
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Thu Feb 22 18:15:24 CST 2024
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Unleash the Ultimate Canine Companion with "Pawsome Pets" for Minecraft!

Love dogs, but fear losing them on adventures? Pawsome Pets transforms your Minecraft dog into a loyal, trainable, and powerful buddy ready to conquer any challenge by your side!

Key Features:

  • Track Your Dog's Health: See your dog's health displayed like a boss bar, making monitoring its well-being easier than ever.

  • Unleash Their Inner Hero: Take your dog on explorations and battles. The more they fight and explore with you, the stronger and larger they become, reaching a maximum of level 10.

  • Witness Their Growth: Each level brings increased size, damage, and health, turning your adorable pup into a formidable companion.

  • No More Tears: Don't worry about losing your best friend! Just like in vanilla Minecraft, you can still heal your dog with meat to ensure their survival.

  • Future Updates: Let your voice be heard! Vote for either dog armor or special dog-enhancing items in the comments below.

Bonus Feature: Ride your trusty companion once they reach level 5! (Armor and additional enhancements coming soon!)

Download Pawsome Pets today and embark on unforgettable adventures with your upgraded canine hero!


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