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Better Saplings & Mushrooms Texture Pack

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Better Saplings & Mushrooms Texture Pack
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Breathe Life into Your Builds with the "Bushier Saplings & Puffier Mushrooms" Texture Pack!

Tired of your Minecraft garden looking a bit...sproutsy? Craving adorably bushy saplings and poof-perfect mushrooms to elevate your builds? Look no further than the "Bushier Saplings & Puffier Mushrooms" Texture Pack!

This charming little pack breathes new life into these often-overlooked blocks, transforming them into delightful focal points for your creations.

Embrace the Bush:

  • Say goodbye to stick-thin saplings! This pack replaces the standard models with lush, leafy versions that burst with vibrant greens and intricate details. Watch as your future forests take shape with newfound charm.

  • Bonsai Bliss: Craving miniature marvels? The pack includes adorable bonsai tree saplings, perfect for adding a touch of Zen to your miniature gardens or window sills.

Mushroom Mania:

  • Get ready for fluff! Mushrooms transform into plump, pillowy delights, their caps bursting with color and texture. Red ones become rosy clouds, brown ones earthy pillows, and each variety begs to be admired.

  • Potted Perfection: Even potted mushrooms get a makeover, gaining the same enchanting puffiness for a consistently delightful look.

Simple Tweaks, Big Impact:

  • Lightweight and gentle: This pack is small and won't weigh down your system, making it perfect for all players.

  • Seamless integration: The new models smoothly blend with the existing Minecraft aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look.

  • Endless possibilities: From whimsical fairy gardens to cozy cottages, these enhanced saplings and mushrooms add a touch of magic to any build.

Download the "Bushier Saplings & Puffier Mushrooms" Texture Pack today and watch your Minecraft world blossom with newfound charm!


- Download Texture;
- Use Minecraft PE
- Open the downloaded .mcpack to install;
- Select texture in settings;
- Done.

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