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Beest's Better Apples Mod

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Beest's Better Apples Mod
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Fri Jan 26 17:24:22 CST 2024
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Unleash the Applecalypse with Beest's Better Apples! (Minecraft Addon)

Tired of the same old boring apple in Minecraft? Beest's Better Apples throws that fruit into the oven and cooks up 16 brand new apple varieties that will explode, blind, energize, and more!

Prepare for a taste-bud tingling, heart-stopping adventure:

  • Supercharged Apples: Diamond Apple bursts with hunger restoration, while Emerald Apple unlocks the villagers' hearts.

  • Explosive Treats: Gunpowder Apple detonates TNT, and Cactus Apple inflicts instant ouchies (great for pranks!).

  • Debuff Delights: Green Apple brings temporary blindness, and Cobble Apple slows you down like molasses.

  • Lifesaving Bites: Heart Apple heals in a flash, and Lava Apple grants fiery protection.

  • Boosting Bonanza: Redstone Apple gives you the zoomies, Sugar Apple sends you into overdrive, and Iron Apple turns you into a temporary tank.

But the orchard doesn't end there! This is just a sneak peek of Beest's Better Apples, and you can help shape the future! Share your "cool and funky apples" ideas in the comments, and watch as your dream fruit becomes reality in future updates.


  • 16 unique apples with crazy effects!

  • Custom crafting recipes!

  • Active development - your ideas can become apples!

  • Requires Holiday Creator Features!

Ready to spice up your Minecraft world with an apple-calypse of epic proportions? Download Beest's Better Apples today and prepare to be AMAZED!


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