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Bedrock Animation Pack Shader

date date Fri Nov 03 17:48:15 CST 2023"
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Bedrock Animation Pack Shader
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Fri Nov 03 17:48:15 CST 2023
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Shader: Bedrock Animation Pack - modsgamer.com

This unique Minecraft texture pack offers a new perspective on the animations of most creatures in the Minecraft world. Nearly every creature will have at least one reworked animation, giving the game a unique and refreshing look. This pack takes the game to a new level of detail and immersion, making every creature feel more alive and vibrant.

Not only do the mobs in this texture pack have remade animations, but they also feature individual idle animations, running/walking animations, and some even have premade attack and emote animations. These unique animations add a new level of personality and character to the mobs, making them feel more lifelike and distinct. The attention to detail in this pack is impressive, and it enhances the overall gameplay experience by providing a more immersive and engaging world.

This texture pack offers unique animations for a wide range of mobs, with some having only minor changes, such as the axolotl. The following is a list of mobs and their corresponding animations:

- Chicken: Idle, Moving

- Bee: Idle, After losing stinger, Moving

- Bat: Sleeping, Moving

- Blaze: General Animation

- Cat / Ocelot: Sprinting, Walking, Sneaking, Idle

- Axolotl: Smooth out all of the animations somewhat

- Cave Spider / Spider: Moving, Idle

- Cod / Salmon / Tropical / Pufferfish / Dolphin / Guardian: Moving and Idle

- Cow / Mooshroom: Idle, Move

- Creeper: Idle, Blowing up, Move

- Donkey / Mule / Horses: Sprinting, Idle, Eating, Moving Tail

- Drowned / Zombie / ZPiglin / Husk: Moving, Idle, Swimming

- Enderman: Carrying, Idle, Moving, MAD

- Endermite / Silverfish: Smooth out general animation and more realistic blending in movements

- Evoker: Casting, Walking, Idle

- Fox: Idle, Sleep, Sit, Move, Jumping

- Ghast: Smooth out everything, adding in a bit more detail and more realistic blending movements

- Squid/Glow Squids: Moving

- Hoglin / ZHog: Idle, Moving, Attack

- Llama: Idle, Moving

- Panda: Sitting, Sleeping, Moving

- Pig: Moving, Idle

- Strider: Idle

- Sheep: Idle, Moving

- Skeleton / Stray / WitherS: Idle, Moving, Bow Animations

- Turtle: Moving, Idle

- Vex: Moving

- Villager / Witch: Idle, Moving

- Vindicator: Idle, Moving

- Wolf: Idle, Moving, Sitting, ANGRY

- Piglin / Brute: Looking at Gold, Idle, Moving, Crossbow Animations

- Pillager: Idle, Moving, Crossbow Animations

- Polar Bear: Idle, Moving

- Rabbit: Idle, Moving

- Ravager: Idle, Walking, Chasing, Attack

- Iron Golem: Idle, Walking, Chasing, Attack

- Wither: Flying, Flying Idle

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