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Beacon+ Remake Mod

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Beacon+ Remake Mod
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Thu May 02 10:41:34 CST 2024
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Expand Your Horizons with the Beacon+ Remake - 18 New Beacon Effects for Minecraft!

Calling all Minecraft builders and adventurers! The Beacon+ Remake mod is here to supercharge your gameplay with a staggering 18 new beacons, each offering unique and powerful abilities!

A Nostalgic Return:

This exciting addon, created by a dedicated modder, marks the return of their very first project, the Beacon+ addon. Completely revamped and brimming with new features, Beacon+ Remake breathes new life into the concept of beacons, transforming them into versatile tools for enhancing your Minecraft experience.

Unleash New Possibilities:

  • 18 Diverse Beacons: Craft and activate a variety of beacons, each crafted with Bismuth and a specific resource like Diamond, Emerald, Netherite, and more.

  • Tiered Effects: Enhance the potency and range of your beacon's abilities by adding additional tiers (up to 2).

  • Enhanced Vision and Resistance: Equip the Coal Beacon for essential buffs like Night Vision and Resistance.

  • Counteracting Effects: Utilize the Anti-Coal Beacon to strategically inflict Blindness and Weakness on your opponents.

  • Explore Further Effects: Discover the unique powers bestowed by each beacon, displayed conveniently on signage near the activation point.


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