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Backpack Plus Mod[4 new backpacks]

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Backpack Plus Mod[4 new backpacks]
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Wed Nov 15 18:41:20 CST 2023
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Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com

Expand Your Inventory with the Backpack Addon for Minecraft

Tired of constantly running out of inventory space? The Backpack Addon is here to solve your carrying woes! This handy mod introduces a variety of backpacks, each with different sizes to accommodate your expanding needs.

Key Features:

  • Carry More Items with Ease:

    • Choose from four backpack sizes: Small (16 slots), Medium (32 slots), Big (54 slots), and Big (63 slots).

    • Each backpack provides additional storage space, allowing you to transport more items without encumbrance.

  • Effortless Inventory Access:

    • Right-click on the backpack (PC) or tap the open button (mobile) to easily access its inventory.

    • Share backpacks with friends to collaborate on storage and inventory management.

  • Improved Commands for Advanced Management:

    • !bps reset: Resets the backpack item you are holding.

    • !bps clear bp: Deletes all backpacks and item recovery data.

    • !bps see <ID:int>: View the contents of a specific backpack.

    • !bps retrieve <ID:int>: Retrieve items from a specific backpack.

    • !bps set <ID:int>: Manually set your backpack ID.

    • !bps delete <ID:int>: Delete a specific backpack and its recovery items.

    • Utilize the improved commands to manage your backpacks effectively:

Mod details

Small Backpack [16 slots]:Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com 

Medium Backpack [32 slots]:Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com 

Big backpack [54 slots]:Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com 

First craft the backpack then hold it on your hand, you will notice a red thing will pop-up next to the icon. Holding the backpack will not let you hit anything or interact with blocks.Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com 

  • If you are on a PC just right click while the backpack is on your main hand and you can now access the backpack's inventory.

  • If you are on mobile simply tap the open button, or long tap the screen while holding the backpack.Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com

Pc and Mobile has the same backpack GUI.Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com 

The items are saved per Backpack so you can put items in the backpack and share the backpack with your friends.Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com


  • Backpacks can now add custom items with durability.

  • Support for swift sneak enchant.

  • Restrictions will not spill over to other addons and will only be restricted to vanilla.

 Needs Experimental Mode:Addon: Backpack Plus - modsgamer.com

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