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Auto-Miner! Mod
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Wed Nov 15 18:19:07 CST 2023
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Addon: Auto-Miner! -

Revolutionize Your Minecraft Mining Adventures with Don's Auto Miner

Bid farewell to tedious strip mining and endless diamond hunts with Don's Auto Miner, an innovative addon that introduces two customizable entities to streamline your block-breaking endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Block Removal and Transportation:

    • Employ the Auto-Miner, an autonomous robot assistant, to effortlessly remove and transport blocks, saving you time and effort.

    • Control the Auto-Miner's rotation and activate or deactivate it with simple interactions.

    • Despawn the Auto-Miner by punching it; it will drop all equipped items except for torches.

  • Enhanced Mining Efficiency with Ore Drill Bits:

    • Upgrade the Auto-Miner's default Iron Drill Bit with higher-tier Ore Blocks like Gold, Diamond, and Netherite to significantly increase its mining speed.

    • Experience the exceptional speed boost of the Netherite Drill Bit, doubling the Auto-Miner's mining efficiency.

  • Personalized Style with Customizable Colors:

    • Inject personality into your Auto-Miner by dyeing it with any color of dye, creating a unique visual aesthetic.

    • Craft the default spawn egg with any dye color to obtain a matching Auto-Miner.

  • Seamless Item Transportation with Multiple Pumps:

    • Construct multiple Pumps to efficiently transport mined blocks back to your base.

    • Despawn Pumps by punching them, ensuring easy removal when no longer needed.

    • Equip Auto-Miners with hoppers to enable automatic targeting of the nearest Pump, streamlining item collection.

    • Utilize the Pump's Shift-interact function to recall all Auto-Miners, effectively gathering them in one location.

  • Advanced Item Filtering for Organized Storage:

    • Leverage the Pump's filter options to categorize and sort the abundance of mined blocks.

    • Activate specific filters using Blackstone, Deepslate, Tuff (Deepstone filter), Stone, Cobblestone, Granite, Diorite, or Andesite (Stone filter), Clay or any Terracotta (Clay filter), Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Rooted Dirt (Dirt filter), Gravel, Sand, or Red Sand (Gravity Block filter), Sandstone or Red Sandstone (Sandstone filter), Netherrack (Nether filter), or any Refined Ore (Riches filter).

  • Extended Mining Range with Ticking Functionality:

    • Transform the Auto-Miner into a ticking-based entity by interacting with it using a Clock.

    • Enable mining beyond the player's load distance, expanding the Auto-Miner's operational range.

  • Convenient Titlebar UI for Easy Monitoring:

    • Access a new UI display within a 3-block radius of the Auto-Miner to monitor equipped items.

    • Stay informed about the Auto-Miner's current configuration and make adjustments as needed.

Mod details


The Auto-Miner is an autonomous robot assistant specializing in the removal and transportation of blocks.Addon: Auto-Miner! - 


  • Interacting with the machine will turn it on and off

  • Shift Interacting will change its rotation

  • To despawn the miner just punch it. It will also now drop all equipped items, aside from torchesAddon: Auto-Miner! -


You can upgrade it with different Ore Blocks

  • By default, the Miner is equipped with an Iron Drill Bit

  • By interacting with the Miner using a higher tear Ore Block the old one will be swapped back into your inventory

Iron Drill Bit default speedAddon: Auto-Miner! - 

Gold Drill Bit x0.5 speedAddon: Auto-Miner! - 

Diamond Drill Bit x1 speedAddon: Auto-Miner! - 

Netherite Drill Bit x2 speedAddon: Auto-Miner! - 


15 colors & a specialrainbowskin!

  • You can now dye your Miners by using any color of dye and interacting with the machine.

  • You can also craft the default spawn egg with any color of dye to get the same result.

    Addon: Auto-Miner! -

    Addon: Auto-Miner! -


Multiple Pump Support!

  • You can now craft multiple pumps for transporting items back to your base

  • Pumps also now despawn by punching themAddon: Auto-Miner! -

  • Miners will automatically target the nearest Pump when equipped with a hopperAddon: Auto-Miner! -

  • Shift interacting with the Pump will recall all Auto-MinersAddon: Auto-Miner! -

  • Pumps now include filter options to help sort the plethora of incoming blocksAddon: Auto-Miner! -

Interact using

  • Blackstone, Deepslate, or Tuff to activate the Deepstone filter

  • Stone, Cobblestone, Granite, Diorite, or Andesite to activate the Stone filter

  • Clay or any color of Terracotta to activate the Clay filter

  • Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Or Rooted Dirt to activate the Dirt Filter

  • Gravel, Sand, or Red Sand to activate the Gravity Block Filter

  • Any type of Sandstone or Red Sandstone to activate the Sandstone Filter

  • Netherrack to Activate the Nether Filter

  • Any Refined ore (ingot) to activate the Riches Filter

  • Leave default to activate junk filter (This will catch any other item type)

Tick with a clock!

  • Interacting with a Miner using a Clock will turn it into a ticking-based entity like the player, This allows them to mine outside of the player's load distanceAddon: Auto-Miner! -

Disclaimer: Having multiple ticking miners may cause performance drops depending on your device


Titlebar UI!

  • New UI to display equipped items! "only appears within a 3 block radius of the Miner"Addon: Auto-Miner! - 

No more Bedrock!

  • Due to atmospheric pressure...or whatever, Miners no longer function once it hits bedrock.Addon: Auto-Miner! -


Auto-MinerAddon: Auto-Miner! - 

Colored Auto-Miner (shapeless)Addon: Auto-Miner! - Addon: Auto-Miner! - 

Rainbow Auto-Miner (shapeless)Addon: Auto-Miner! - 

Auto-PumpAddon: Auto-Miner! - 



  • Fixed Auto-Miners vertical path finding

  • Fixed Blocks not teleporting to pumps when unloaded

  • Changed torch placment (Now places directly behind the Auto-miner)

  • Added Block filters to Auto-Pump

  • Removed holiday skin

  • Removed iron block interaction swap skin

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

All mods on comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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