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Armorers House Minecraft Map

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Armorers House Minecraft Map
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Explore a Charming Armorer's Abode in This Flat Minecraft World!

Calling all Minecraft builders and curious explorers! Dive into this unique flat world featuring a meticulously crafted Armorer Villager House.

Uncover the Secrets of the Armorer:

  • Detailed House Build: Explore the intricate design and interior of the Armorer's residence. (See images below!)

  • Armorer Villager Information: Learn all about the Armorer villager profession, including their trades, appearance variations, and experience levels.

The Essential Armorer:

  • Trades for Emeralds: The Armorer villager offers a variety of armor and shields, including coveted enchanted diamond armor, in exchange for emeralds.

  • Emerald Exchange: Trade coal and iron ingots for emeralds to fuel your bartering with the Armorer.

  • Unique Appearance: Distinguish the Armorer by their brown clothing, gloves, and signature goggle mask. Their attire may vary slightly depending on the biome they inhabit.

  • Professional Progression: Witness the Armorer's development through various profession levels (Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman, Expert, Master). Each level unlocks a more diverse selection of goods and subtle changes in their clothing, including the buckle color.

  • Workplace Essentials: Locate the Armorer's essential tool of the trade – the trusty Blast Furnace.

Download this flat world today and explore the fascinating world of the Armorer villager!


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