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Animals Pack For Your Own Worlds Mod

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Animals Pack For Your Own Worlds Mod
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Fri Mar 08 17:04:30 CST 2024
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Bring Your World to Life with Over 30 Unique Animals in This Minecraft Add-on!

Calling all animal lovers and Minecraft enthusiasts! Introducing a revolutionary add-on brimming with over 30 meticulously crafted custom animals, ready to enrich your Minecraft experience.

Beyond the Ordinary:

  • Unparalleled Detail: Witness stunning animations and unique geometry that breathe life into each creature, setting them apart from your typical Minecraft fauna.

  • Realistic Breeding: Immerse yourself in a true-to-life breeding system. Animals become pregnant or lay eggs, mimicking natural reproduction cycles. Gone are the days of instant baby spawns! Gestation and incubation times are carefully balanced, with 20 real-life minutes translating to 1 in-game year.

  • Distinct Behaviors: Observe captivating animal behaviors that change throughout the day. Watch them settle into a restful sleep routine or witness the fascinating distinction between male and female animals within certain species.

A World of Customization:

  • Modular Design: This add-on lays the foundation for your ever-expanding animal kingdom. Future packs will seamlessly integrate, offering even more diverse creatures to populate your world – no need for constant re-downloads!

  • Predator Control: Maintain a peaceful coexistence by disabling the "Natural Regeneration" gamerule. This prevents predators from attacking their prey, ensuring a harmonious environment if desired.

Discover More:

  • Detailed Information: A dedicated website will soon unveil comprehensive information about each animal, allowing you to delve deeper into their unique characteristics.

  • Immersive Experience: For those seeking a complete adventure, explore a captivating map (link included) that not only features all these animals but also offers exclusive content!

Download this incredible add-on today and transform your Minecraft world into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life!


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