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Advanced Gate Mod

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Advanced Gate Mod
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Unbreakable Protection for Your Treasures and Peace of Mind!

The Advanced Gate Security Addon for Minecraft (All Versions) empowers you to safeguard your valuable possessions within your Minecraft Realm. This innovative mod introduces unbreakable gates, the ultimate defense against unwanted visitors, ensuring the security of your in-game treasures.

Uncompromising Security Features:

  • Impenetrable Gates: Rest assured, the three unbreakable gate variants provide an impenetrable barrier against intruders, protecting your builds and belongings.

  • Customizable Access Control: Assign unique identity numbers to each gate for seamless management within the Gate Controller, granting access only to authorized users.

  • Secure Keycard System: Maintain complete control over access with the Keycard system. Only players holding the Keycard can open a locked gate, preventing unauthorized entry.

  • Convenient Gate Controller: Utilize the intuitive Gate Controller to unlock gates remotely and manage access for authorized personnel within your Realm.

Effortless Gate Creation:

  • Simple Crafting Recipes: Craft the various gate variants and the Gate Controller using readily available resources, ensuring easy access to this advanced security system.

  • Intuitive Placement and Configuration: Simply use the Gate Spawn Egg to place the gate blueprint, set the identity number, and activate the "Start Build" button.


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