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4K Among Us Mod
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Unleash the Crewmates and Impostors: Immerse Minecraft in Among Us with This Unique Add-on!

Calling all Among Us fans and Minecraft adventurers! Dive headfirst into a thrilling crossover with this revolutionary add-on for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17. Forget blocky crewmates – this add-on introduces highly detailed, true-to-form character models from Among Us directly into your Minecraft world!

Immerse Yourself in the Among Us Universe:

  • Uncanny Accuracy: Witness iconic crewmates and impostors rendered in stunning detail, faithfully capturing the distinct style of Among Us. No more chunky cubes!

  • Intriguing Innovation: Experience a groundbreaking departure from Minecraft's traditional blocky aesthetic. This add-on pushes the boundaries of visual customization, opening up new possibilities for creative expression.

  • Beware the Lag: While the intricate models boast exceptional fidelity, be mindful of device limitations. Weaker devices might encounter performance dips, adding a touch of suspense (alongside potential lag spikes).

But this add-on is more than just eye candy – it's an invitation to:

  • Reimagine familiar gameplay: Envision your Minecraft adventures through the lens of Among Us. Imagine crewmates scurrying through lush forests or impostors lurking in shadowy caves.

  • Craft intricate scenes: Unleash your creativity! Build elaborate Among Us maps, recreate iconic locations, and stage your own thrilling social deduction scenarios.

  • Share your unique vision: With this one-of-a-kind add-on, become a pioneer in the Minecraft community. Share your creations, inspire others, and forge a path for a whole new way to play!

Ready to transport Among Us into your Minecraft realm? Download this captivating add-on today and:

  • Experience the Among Us aesthetic like never before.

  • Push the boundaries of Minecraft's visual possibilities.

  • Craft immersive Among Us-themed adventures.

  • Become a trailblazer in the Minecraft community.

Remember, lag may lurk around corners, but the potential for epic adventures is limitless! Embrace the innovation and embark on a thrilling Among Us crossover in Minecraft!


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