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3D Items Mod
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Immerse Yourself in Enhanced Visuals with the 3D Items Addon!

Bring your Minecraft world to life with the 3D Items Addon! This innovative mod transforms select in-game items into beautiful, realistic 3D models, adding a new layer of depth and detail to your gameplay experience.

Elevate Your Visuals:

  • 3D Transformation: Witness the stunning transformation of potions, fireworks, totems, and honey bottles from their traditional 2D form into captivating 3D models.

  • Enhanced Detail: Immerse yourself in the intricate details of each item, adding a touch of realism to your Minecraft environment.

  • Improved Immersion: Experience a deeper connection to your in-game items, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the game.

Simplified Installation:

  1. Download the Mod: Obtain the 3D Items Addon file.

  2. Compatible Versions: Ensure you are playing Minecraft versions 1.14, 1.15, or 1.16.

  3. Run the File: Open the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.

  4. Activate in Settings: Select the mod within your Minecraft settings.

  5. Enable Experimental Mode: Toggle on "Experimental Gameplay" in your Minecraft settings for the mod to function properly.

  6. Start Exploring: Enjoy the mesmerizing 3D visuals of your favorite items!

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