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Zombiepolis - A Post Apocalyptic City

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Zombiepolis - A Post Apocalyptic City
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Thu Aug 17 15:40:14 CST 2023
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​This minecraft map mod contains A Post Apocalyptic City.Zombiepolis is a post-apocalyptic city map that offers stunning locations and details to make your experience more realistic than other maps. It is a lightweight map specifically designed for PE players to enjoy a better apocalyptic environment. You can play various games such as survival, PvP, hide and seek, and hunger games in the apocalyptic world. The map features a safe starting area with a starter pack for survival, lag-free lightweight map, beautiful custom island containing mountain, plain lands, forest and beaches, and different kinds of loots for an amazing post-apocalyptic survival.

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For a better experience, you can use a mod that will stop zombie burning in daylight, a post-apocalyptic texture like custom fog, cloudy sky, discolored foliage, or mutant creatures add-ons that can give you a whole new experience. also use a shader that suits the environment well and custom mobs sound pack and background music. Additionally, you can use guns, snipers, robot exoskeletons, or tanks to fight with massive zombies.

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