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Zombie Horse Extension Mod

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Zombie Horse Extension Mod
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Sat Mar 23 17:20:34 CST 2024
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Unleash the Power of the Undead Steed: Zombie Horse Extension Addon for Minecraft!

Transform Your Minecraft Experience with Powerful Zombie Horses!

The Zombie Horse Extension Addon breathes new life (or should we say, undeath?) into Minecraft's existing Zombie Horses, turning them into powerful companions for your adventures.

Tame the Untamed:

  • Craft Rotten Wheat: Craft rotten wheat using rotten flesh and wheat to tame these unique zombie steeds. This special food item keeps them friendly and prevents them from attacking you.

Taming Tips:

  • Hold the Rotten Wheat: Approach the Zombie Horse with rotten wheat in hand to avoid being attacked. Remember, once they see you without it, they'll become hostile!

Beyond the Basics:

  • Enhanced Horse Power: Once tamed, a Zombie Horse functions like a regular horse, allowing you to ride, equip armor, and store items in its inventory.

The Secret Weapon: Speed Mode Slot

  • Hidden Potential: All horses, including regular ones (when mutated or converted to Zombie Horses), gain a special "Speed Mode Slot."

  • Unleash the Speed: Equip a feather in this slot to activate Speed Mode, granting your horse a significant boost in speed and jumping ability.

  • Strategic Advantage: Speed Mode deactivates combat, allowing you to focus on outrunning enemies. Disabling Speed Mode reverts your horse to normal speed and allows it to attack hostile mobs again.

Beware the Wild Horde:

  • Nightly Spawn: Wild Zombie Horses roam your world at night, both newly created and existing worlds.

  • Undead Riders: Some wild Zombie Horses may spawn with a Zombie or Drowned rider, requiring you to eliminate the rider first before taming the horse.

  • Predatory Instincts: Wild Zombie Horses, true to their nature, attack and kill regular horses. However, once tamed, they become loyal companions.

Download the Zombie Horse Extension Addon today and experience the thrill of riding a powerful, undead steed in Minecraft!



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