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Your Doors Mod
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Mon Nov 27 18:00:42 CST 2023
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Addob: Your Doors -

Enhance your Minecraft interiors with diverse animated doors 

Enhance your Minecraft interiors with the charming Animated Doors plugin, which introduces a variety of animated doors to transform your buildings. Whether you’re looking for mid-century charm, futuristic elegance or rustic simplicity, this plugin has something to suit your every design preference.

Mod details

Medieval Door, it's perfect for a castle:Addob: Your Doors -

  • Bunker door:Addob: Your Doors -

  • Factory door:Addob: Your Doors -

  • Western door, no need to click to open, just go through it like in movies :)Addob: Your Doors -

  • Shoji doors:Addob: Your Doors - Addob: Your Doors -

  • Barn door:Addob: Your Doors -

  • Factory and glass trapdoors:Addob: Your Doors -

  • Simple Wooden Doors: Just wooden doors Addob: Your Doors -

  • Simple Glass Doors: Clear Glass and Black GlassAddob: Your Doors -

Recipes:Addob: Your Doors - 


Due to new minecraft versions now blocks that are more than 16x16x16 doesnt work fine. You need to download Block Geo Fixer (download here)​ and apply it on top of this addon.Addob: Your Doors -

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