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Xenocraft Remastered Mod

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Xenocraft Remastered Mod
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Mon Oct 16 17:12:44 CST 2023
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Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com

Minecraft Ridley Scott Xenocraft Remastered Mod: Experience the Fear of Classic Sci-Fi Movies

This Minecraft mod adds most of the aliens from Ridley Scott's movies into the game, including xenomorphs, xenomorph eggs, xenomorph larvae, xenomorphs, and more. There is no evolution function yet, but the alien drone already has a complete life cycle.

This mod will bring players the horror experience of classic science fiction movies. Players can fight aliens or escape their pursuit. The mod is still under development and more content and features will be added in the future.

Mod details


  • Ovamorph:

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 


  • Facehugger:

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 


  • Xenomorph Runner:

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 


  • Xenomorph Drone - Will flee when health is low.

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 


  • Xenomorph Warrior - Will receive resistance and damage buff when attacked with melee.

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com


  • Praetorian

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 


  • Xenomorph Queen

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com 



To reload, hold the empty gun in your main hand and hold the correct mag in your off hand

Addon: Xenocraft Remastered - modsgamer.com

Make sure to turn on these experimental settings before making your world:

  • Holiday Creator Features

  • Additional Modding Capabilities

  • Upcoming Creator Features

  • Experimental Molang Features

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