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Wireless Redstone Mod

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Wireless Redstone Mod
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Unleash Wireless Redstone Power with Redstone Transceivers in Minecraft! 

Calling all Minecraft builders and redstone enthusiasts!  Say goodbye to sprawling redstone dust lines and embrace a new era of wireless automation with the Redstone Transceiver add-on!

Cut the Cord with Wireless Redstone:

  • Effortless Remote Control: This innovative add-on introduces the Redstone Transceiver, a revolutionary block that transmits and receives redstone signals wirelessly over a 64-block radius. Control your redstone contraptions from afar without the need for lengthy redstone dust trails.

  • Intuitive Crafting and Placement: Craft the Redstone Transceiver in Survival mode or access it readily in Creative mode. Simply place it on a redstone block, and its antenna will automatically point in the direction you're facing.

  • Clear Visual Cues: The Redstone Transceiver provides instant feedback. A darkened redstone block beneath the antenna indicates it's not receiving a signal. Conversely, a lit-up redstone line on the antenna confirms successful transmission.

Effortless Signal Transmission:

  • Repeater Power Up the Signal: For transmission to initiate, place a repeater behind the antenna and activate it with redstone power. The redstone line on the antenna will illuminate, signifying successful transmission.

  • Line of Sight Matters: The transmitted signal follows a conical shape, ensuring clear reception within the designated radius. Buildings blocking the line of sight will disrupt the signal.

  • Prioritization and Signal Limits: A single transmitting antenna can connect to a maximum of 4 receiving antennas within its range. The closest antennas will receive the signal first, so consider adding more transmitters for broader coverage.

Receiving the Wireless Signal:

  • Opposing Antennas for Reception: To receive a signal, place another Redstone Transceiver facing the transmitting antenna. The receiving antenna's base will have a red tint, and the redstone block beneath it will brighten, indicating successful reception.

  • Redstone Integration: Connect any redstone wire to the redstone block under the receiving antenna. Whenever the antenna picks up a signal, the connected redstone will activate, triggering your automated contraptions.

  • Signal Travels Through Certain Blocks: Water and lava pose no obstacle to the wireless signal. However, solid blocks will completely block the signal.

Advanced Functionality:

  • Simultaneous Transmission and Reception: The Redstone Transceiver allows for two-way communication. With a repeater and redstone power, a receiving antenna can simultaneously transmit a signal back to the sender.

  • Compatibility and Support: This add-on is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.17.0 and above. Ensure "Holiday Creator Features" are enabled in your world settings for proper functionality. The add-on is multiplayer-friendly and works seamlessly with most other add-ons.

Download the Redstone Transceiver add-on today and revolutionize your Minecraft world with wireless redstone power!


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