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Weird TNT Mod[12 TNT]

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Weird TNT Mod[12 TNT]
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Unleash the Mayhem! Introducing the Wackiest, Weirdest, and Wildest Minecraft TNT Mod!

Forget boring old TNT. This mod injects some hilarious mayhem and explosive chaos into Minecraft with 12 outrageous TNT creations unlike anything you've seen before! Prepare for fart clouds, disco explosions, and teleporting mayhem – it's a recipe for epic pranks and unforgettable adventures.

Here's a taste of the madness:

  • Fake Grass TNT: Step on this harmless-looking block and BOOM! Instant explosion. Be careful where you tread!

  • Fart TNT: Don't let the name fool you. This TNT unleashes a toxic cloud that damages mobs, leaving you with both laughter and a lingering stench.

  • Laser Light Show TNT: Get ready for a dazzling spectacle of lasers and funky music before this TNT erupts in a grand finale. It's the ultimate dance party with a bang!

  • Nuke TNT: Yep, you read that right. This bad boy creates a mushroom cloud explosion so powerful, it'll leave a lasting impression (and a crater). Use with caution!

  • Random TNT: Feeling lucky? This TNT rolls the dice with an explosion power between 1 and 5. You win some, you blow up the world some.

  • Running TNT: Watch in amusement (and terror) as your lit TNT sprints away on tiny legs, hopefully not towards your precious builds.

  • Sonic TNT: Brace yourself for an ear-splitting blast that shatters nearby glass and makes even your real-life ears ache. Use responsibly (or not – we won't judge).

  • Sticky TNT: Say goodbye to falling explosives! This TNT sticks wherever you place it, making for some strategic (and mischievous) possibilities.

  • Throwable TNT: Chuck it like a snowball and watch the chaos unfold! This throwable TNT adds a whole new dimension to explosive warfare.

  • TP TNT: Light it and watch it disappear, reappearing somewhere random just before detonating. Teleporting explosions? Why not!

  • Villager TNT: Brace yourself for an emotional explosion as this TNT showers the area with adorable (and surprisingly destructive) baby villagers.

  • Yeet TNT: Send mobs flying with this TNT's powerful knockback blast. Watch as they get catapulted through the air for an instant dose of yeet-tastic mayhem.

But Wait, There's More!

  • All TNTs are craftable at the Artillery Table, a handy new block added by the mod.

  • And yes, they can only be lit with the classic flint and steel for an added layer of old-school charm.

Ready to unleash a wave of explosive pandemonium? Download this insane mod and:

  • Wreak havoc with 12 unique and hilarious TNTs.

  • Prank your friends with fart clouds, teleporting explosions, and yeet-worthy blasts.

  • Experience the thrilling unpredictability of Random TNT.

  • Craft all your explosive dreams at the Artillery Table.

This mod is not for the faint of heart (or ear)! But for those who crave chaotic laughter and unforgettable Minecraft mayhem, it's the perfect recipe for endless fun.

 Weird TNT Addon  

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