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Warden Armor + Echo Tools and Staff Mod

date date Thu Aug 03 15:10:50 CST 2023"
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Warden Armor + Echo Tools and Staff Mod
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Sat Aug 12 10:16:10 CST 2023
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Warden Armor + Echo Tools and Staff Addon(Compatible with Any Addon) - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft Mod Adds Full Warden Armor, Tools And New Echo Weapons, Staffs

How to use mod

- Install Behavior and Resource Pack 

- Activate experimental game feature 

Warden Armor Equipment Preview

Warden's Armor Effect Introduction

  1. After a full set of Warden armor is equipped, it can apply a dark effect for up to 10 seconds   

  2. Gain permanent night vision and resistance to darkness and blindness3.Acquire unique creature tracking abilities:

– Mobs within a 25 block radius are affected by the echo for 5 seconds.

**Does not track players**

– Echoes can be seen through walls!

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Download 1039085

How to Use

1. Open modsgamer.com 

2. Select the mod you want and download 

3. After download finished, you will get mod file want

4. After extracting the mod file, please place the corresponding file in the following folder

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