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Villager Soldier Mod

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Villager Soldier Mod
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Wed Feb 21 17:30:36 CST 2024
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Unleash the Fury: Empower Your Villagers with This Pure Vanilla Add-on! 

Tired of weak villagers being pushovers against enemies? This pure vanilla add-on is your answer! No new items, just powerful upgrades and new mob variants:

Empowered Villagers:

  • Villager Soldier: Recruitable warriors, starting weak but evolving through combat.

  • Villager Soldier (Advanced): Upgraded soldiers with enhanced strength and shields.

  • Villager Soldier Elite: Powerful guardians with incredible health and damage.

  • Villager Royal: The ultimate villager champion, leading your army to victory.

  • Captain: Commands other soldiers, strategizing their attacks.

Unique Mechanics:

  • Gift weapons and armor: Transform any villager into a soldier!

  • Soldiers upgrade through kills: Earn promotions by defeating powerful enemies.

  • Customizable units: Equip your army with the best gear for any situation.

No New Items:

This add-on stays true to the vanilla experience, enhancing existing mechanics without cluttering your inventory.

Diverse Illagers:

  • Pillager Variants: From raiders to tanks, face a range of challenging illager foes.

  • Special Illagers: Encounter unique enemies with specific abilities.

Ready to build a truly formidable villager army? Download this pure vanilla add-on today!


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