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VAZ 2105 Zhiguli Mod

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VAZ 2105 Zhiguli Mod
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Tue Feb 06 16:26:57 CST 2024
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Relive Soviet Automotive History with the Iconic VAZ 2105 Mod for Minecraft Bedrock!

Calling all Lada enthusiasts! Cruise down memory lane with the legendary VAZ 2105 now roaring onto Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Experience the thrill of driving this iconic Soviet-era sedan, complete with multiple colors, realistic animations, and authentic sound effects.

Immerse yourself in automotive history:

  • Own a piece of the past: Get behind the wheel of the legendary VAZ 2105, a symbol of Soviet automotive engineering and a beloved classic across Russia.

  • Customize your ride: Choose from six vibrant colors - white, coffee (yes, you read that right!), green, red, purple, and blue - to match your personality.

  • Explore in style: Travel across your Minecraft world in comfort with smooth handling and detailed design, capturing the essence of the original car.

Beyond the classic:

  • Expand your fleet: Collect all ten unique VAZ 2105 models, including taxi, police, retro, and even a "junk" version for a touch of humor.

  • Experience realistic details: Witness animated doors, exhaust smoke, and authentic engine sounds.

  • Feel the freedom: Enjoy a comfortable driving speed of 0.3, with the "junk" version offering a unique challenge.

Ready to hit the road?

Download the VAZ 2105 Mod today and:

  • Relive the nostalgia of a Soviet classic.

  • Customize your ride and explore in style.

  • Collect unique models and experience realistic details.

  • Embrace the spirit of adventure and freedom.


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