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Minecraft But You Breathe Water Mod

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Minecraft But You Breathe Water Mod
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Mon Dec 11 18:17:03 CST 2023
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Addon: Minecraft But You Breathe Water - modsgamer.com

Dive into a Breathtaking Underwater Adventure with "Minecraft But You Breathe Water" Add-on!

Embrace the aquatic life and experience Minecraft like never before with the captivating "Minecraft But You Breathe Water" Add-on! This innovative mod transforms your gameplay by allowing you to breathe underwater, unlocking a world of exciting possibilities and thrilling challenges.

Three Modes to Choose from:

1. Vanilla: Experience the purest form of underwater survival without any bubbles.


2. Bubbles: Breathe freely underwater and on land, but remain aware of your air bubbles while out of water.


3. All Bubbles: Enjoy unlimited air and explore both land and water without any restrictions.

Embrace the Challenge:

1. Resource Acquisition: While underwater breathing grants you freedom, gathering essential resources on land becomes a race against time.


2. Helmet Power: Equip helmets with "Earth Breathing" enchantments to extend your air supply outside water and simplify resource collection.


3. Water Buff and Debuff: Gain night vision and mining haste while underwater, but experience mining fatigue when venturing onto land.

New Features Await:

1. Bubble Items: Craft and collect four types of bubble items, each with unique textures and effects.


2. Bubble Entities: Encounter bubbles in rivers, oceans, and beaches, which drop items of varying sizes upon destruction.


3. Bubble Stone: Utilize this block to gain temporary "Earth Breathing" and enhance your underwater exploration. Craft and upgrade this block for increased duration, area of effect, and bubble drop chances.


4. Wet Blocks: Discover wet sand, wet dirt, and wet grass blocks that naturally generate in specific biomes and provide temporary air bubbles when mined.


5. Bubble Flower: Collect this rare flower, found across the overworld, for a small or normal bubble boost.


6. Customizable Configuration: Tailor your gameplay by choosing the mode that best suits your preferences and desired level of challenge.

Unleash your inner aquatic adventurer and download the "Minecraft But You Breathe Water" Add-on today!

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