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Tough as Bedrock Mod(Thirst and Temperature)

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Tough as Bedrock Mod(Thirst and Temperature)
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Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com

As tough as bedrock, this addon improves the Minecraft survival experience with new features like thirst or temperature. The final version is now available for you to enjoy! If you're tired of being hungry, or want to travel the world and experience suffocating temperatures, this plugin is for you! But keep an eye on your temperature as you explore the world and be careful not to become dehydrated! This survival experience isn't for beginners, but if you're well prepared you might be able to make it to your first night.

Introduction to the content of the Mod

This addon brings a whole new survival experience to your game. Its main additional features are thirst and temperature, both of which are enabled by default. But you can also enable stamina, which will make the game more challenging.Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 


The thirst bar is located above the hunger bar. The thirst bar gradually decreases over time and when engaging in activities such as sprinting or jumping. The thirst bar also gradually decreases when you encounter extreme temperatures or dry conditions.

 Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

If you get too thirsty, you'll slow down, and when your thirst bar drops to zero, you'll begin to slowly die.

To avoid this, you need to keep yourself hydrated, and there are several ways to do this. If you decide to drink water in the wild, your thirst bar will fill up, but you will be affected by the thirst effect, as well as risking infection by parasites.

Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

Therefore, the best way to quench your thirst is to purify water. You can boil water in a furnace or fire, use filters, ghast tears and some potion-making talents, or even collect less toxic rainwater.

When using a cauldron with certain items to collect or settle water, you need to place a block behind it and click on the block behind it, rather than clicking on the cauldron directly. (This problem comes from cauldron's hardcoded right-click vanilla functionality)

A water purifier allows you to purify your water and works like a furnace, but you use charcoal as fuel.



Stamina is an optional feature that can be activated via commands. The stamina bar sits above the thirst bar and gradually decreases as you perform tiring activities.Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

When your stamina is low, your movements will be limited and you will die over time. The stamina bar fills over time, and fills faster when the player is inactive.



The thermometer is located above your level. When you generate the world, you are immune to extreme temperatures for 5 minutes

Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com

Note that once 5 minutes have passed, you will be affected by the environment. A thermometer represents your body temperature. When it's gray, your body temperature is balanced and you don't need to worry.Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

If the thermometer starts to turn blue, your body is cooling down, but be careful not to get too cold or you will freeze to death.Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

Conversely, if your thermometer is toward the red, you are getting hotter. Likewise, if you overheat, you will die. Be careful when exploring the hottest biomes, like Hell!Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 

  • You can protect yourself from extreme temperatures by wearing clothing, Volcano Armor for warmth and Winter Armor for cold.

  • You can also drink an ice resistance potion or a fire resistance potion that will make you immune to extreme temperatures for a set amount of time.

  • Eating ice cubes can also cool you down, maybe it could prove useful.

  • You can use blocks such as coils and campfires to affect the temperature in an area.

  • If you want to know the temperature of the environment you can use a thermometer. It's not very precise but it will give you an idea of what armor you should be wearing.

  • Finally there is an artifact that makes you immune to extreme temperatures, it can be found in a guarded location underground, or in certain structures in the deserts.

  • There are plenty of ways to play around these new restrictions and I haven't said everything, I'll let you have fun and discover what this addon can bring to your minecraft experience.


  • /function start: Starts the addon

  • /function stop: Stops the addon

  • /function cleanworld: In case the addon stopped, try this

  • /function settings: Opens the settings menu allowing you to enable/disable stamina or drink punching

  • /function restart: Resets the addon

Enable experimental gameplay on your world or this addon will not work.

Addon: Tough as Bedrock - modsgamer.com 


All mods on modsgamer.com comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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